Riding in a region famous for its beaches and coastlines, AZVR is part of a perpetual search for new ways to enjoy life, whether by the sea and its hot sand, at your pool or at home. 
Again during a trip in fresh water.  

The idea is to propose a new product, completely new, and shake the codes of the beach as we know them.

For if there is one thing of which we are certain about the established codes, it is because they must be renewed.

After a world tour in 2015 we offer you the product stars of 2017, our round beach towels AZVR.

Quality materials, excellence manufacturing, we have created the best.

Colorful patterns and an ideal size of 150cm.

Finished Hands in the sand, or sticky neighbors.

Dare to leave the boxes, dare the novelty, dare the round. This is a promise you make us, you will not be disappointed.

The bet is taken! Breathe new life into the beach. Make the towel, no longer a useful product, but also an indispensable trend partner.

Our location is growing strongly at the national level. We invite you also beyond the site, to go to our various resellers which you can find in the tab "stores".  

The AZVR team

The authentic round beach towel.

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